How to Prevent Water Damage from a Leaking Roof

A leaking roof, dripping ceiling, burst pipes and heavy spillages can all cause extensive damage to your business or property. Worse still, water damage from a leaking roof is a health and safety hazard that can cause injuries and ill health.

A leaking roof must be contained quickly in order to minimise damage to the surroundings. A quick and effective response can help you minimise clean-up and repair costs while also preventing accidents.

If you need to prevent water damage from a leaking roof, the expert team at ITP Packaging are here to explain how a ceiling leak diverter can help.

How Much Damage Can Roof Leaks Cause to a Business?

Leaks can be caused by accidents, faulty infrastructure, poor maintenance, or events outside of your control such as storms or heavy rain. Whatever the cause, it’s important to be aware that leaks can cause serious damage to a business, or indeed to your home.

The scale of the damage will depend on the seriousness of the leak. In addition to the damage caused to the roof, dripping water can leak through multiple floors, cause interior damage to walls and furnishings, and, in the worst-case scenario, even destabilise the structure of a building.

As a business, your stock could become damaged or compromised, equipment and essential tools could become waterlogged, and you could be left with unhappy customers. It’s safe to say that the faster you act to stop a leaking roof using temporary measures such as a ceiling leak diverter, the less damage will be caused.

What Health and Safety Risks Do Leaks Pose?

A leaking roof poses a serious risk to health and safety, meaning it’s incredibly important that any leaks are contained and fixed as soon as possible.

Pooling water can cause accidents if employees or customers slip or fall, leading to potentially serious physical injuries. Heavy equipment can slip or skid on pools of water too, posing danger to the driver or handler and any bystanders.

If water gets into the electrics, employees could be hurt by short-circuiting equipment, while damaged goods, stock or equipment pose a danger to those handling them.

In industrial settings, leaks can cause contamination or reactions with potentially hazardous materials, while structural damage to a building can lead to further damage and accidents in the future.

Leaks can also lead to damp and musty working conditions. This can cause employees respiratory problems or lead to illness, both in the short and long term.

How Can a Leak Diverter Help?

If your roof is leaking, the best way to temporarily halt the leak is to install a ceiling leak diverter.

A ceiling leak diverter consists of a large, waterproofed canopy that can be suspended from the ceiling using clips and straps. The ceiling leak diverter is placed below the leak, and the liquid is caught in the canopy and funnelled into a container placed below using an attached hose.

It’s a simple yet effective piece of equipment that once installed will help contain a leak. This helps to prevent damage being caused by the leaking roof, providing a short-term solution while you organise for the leak to be stopped and the roof repaired.

In short, there are a number of ways in which a ceiling leak diverter can help in the event of a leaking roof, including:

  • Contains leaks from a damaged roof
  • Stops water from pooling on the floor and leaks from spreading
  • Prevents the leak from causing further structural damage
  • Protects equipment and stock from being damaged
  • Helps to avoid workplace accidents and keeps staff safe

Why Choose a Ceiling Leak Diverter as a Temporary Solution?

A ceiling leak diverter is an excellent temporary solution that can help you to prevent damage from a leaking roof. Here are the most important reasons to choose a ceiling leak diverter:

  • Quick installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile
  • Requires little knowledge to set-up
  • Prevents further accidents and damage
  • Continue running your business

Contact ITP Packaging Today and Find Out More About Preventing Water Damage from a Leaking Roof

ITP Packaging stocks a comprehensive range of industrial products, including a selection of high-quality ceiling leak diverters that can be used to prevent water damage.

If you require more information on the best ceiling leak diverter for your needs, our experienced staff are on hand and ready to provide you with expert advice. Contact ITP Packaging today to find out more.

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